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Simplified Trading Solutions &
Services to Run Successful Brokerages

Forex & CFDs

Boost revenues with a smart, simple, mass market product


Reach the widest range of target audiences


For the regulated US and Japan markets

Simplified Trading Products

We have created an exclusive portfolio of trading products, allowing online brokers to reach the widest range of target audiences.

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Premium Technology

We invest over 70% of our resources in R&D to guarantee our brokers an innovative trading offering with highest pricing accuracy.

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Tailor-Made Solutions

No matter what business size and needs, we provide solutions designed to make our brokers’ lives simple. From complete solutions to plug-ins or API integrations, just pick and trade.

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Customized Solutions

Enjoying Trading Experience

Our friendly and easy-to-trade user interface allows brokers to optimize trader engagement and increase lifetime value over time.

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