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Binary options offer new traders an ideal entry to more professional trading products

Such products are forex (spot) and exotic options. We guarantee our brokers a simplified trading environment with a product that appeals to amateur traders, allowing brokers to approach the widest audience. Embedded into a user-friendly interface, binary options provide a simple, accessible trading experience with controlled risks for brokers and pre-determined returns for traders.

High / Low

A High/Low instrument is written around the current market price. The user decides whether the market will be higher or lower at expiration, relative to the current market price. Options can be written to expire from 15 minutes to end of day and end of week.

Binary Options High/Low instrument

Binary Options Touch/No Touch instrument

Touch / No Touch

A One Touch instrument is written around the target price, where the outcome depends on whether the market price reaches or does not reach the target price prior to the expiry of the option.


A Boundary instrument is written around two target prices (a lower and an upper target) together forming a boundary range. The outcome of this option depends upon the market price at expiration relative to the boundary range (within the range or outside the range).

Binary Options Boundary instrument

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