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Entering the global revolution of asset tokenization

TechFinancials is revolutionizing the way that real-world assets are being traded via today’s digital markets. Our unique technological infrastructure seeks to manage the entire backbone of Blockchain-based digital assets, providing unique business solutions delivered through our flexible building blocks. We were key in bringing blockchain-based diamond exchange CEDEX to the market, by way of providing the essential infrastructure to create the trading technology.


The Techfinancials infrastructure uses powerful, state-of-the-art software, enabling us to become one of the world’s leading developers of blockchain-based projects.



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Established in 2009 and listed on the London AIM market (TECH), TechFinancials has become a highly recognized provider of trading products and solutions to the global fintech sector, serving over 100 online brokers, with millions of trades and billions of dollars executed through our systems.   

Innovation is one of the building blocks of our DNA, which is why we have been able to develop a wide range of trading solutions and deploy our technology for the blockchain-based digitization of assets. Our new technology infrastructure leverages the knowledge that we have accumulated over the  past years. In doing so, we have integrated the state-of-the-art software concepts used by the largest software organizations in the world.

Our powerful technological capability has now led to us become one of the pre-eminent developers of blockchain-based business solutions as we seek to become a major player in the asset tokenisation emerging market.

Our Successful Portfolios:

CEDEX, our first venture into the Blockchain world, seeks to create a global diamond commodity exchange that will allow diamonds to be traded like any other financial asset, securely and transparently. CEDEX aims to bridge the gap between the traditional diamond industry and financial markets, with the CEDEX coin facilitating every transaction along the way. CEDEX aims to create a secure and transparent diamond market, currently valued at $88B with the potential to be $350B market.

Crypto processing: TechFinancials’ latest addition to its suite of products is Centimize, technology that enables brokers and merchants from different verticals to easily integrate Bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies into their platform as an additional source of funding. Centimize creates new opportunities for businesses to enlist crypto holders.

Did You know?

Blockchain is already changing the way assets are digitally traded around the world. Successful, forward thinking companies are turning to Blockchain to run their businesses more efficiently.


Blockchain technology markets will grow 58.7% annually to reach $20B by 2025


of surveyed companies anticipate in-house Blockchain adoption by 2020


of surveyed companies anticipate an annual ROI on their fintech-related projects


of respondents plan to adopt Blockchain technology in 2018, and 77% by 2020

* A PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) survey from the Global FinTech Report 2017