Cryptocurrency Exchange
Taking Exchange Technology to the Next Level

An innovative new project currently in development at TechFinancials is our whitelabel Exchange for cryptocurrency trading. Using propritary algorithms based on blockchain technology we will be delivering fully branded Exchange solutions offering rapid, simple set-up, broad functionality, Back Office management, airtight security and expert, dedicated support.

Enable your users to enjoy the many advantages of digital currency trading, benefiting from lower fees, enhanced security and simpler, faster, financial transactions.

A 360° Solution

We will meet all your operational needs, including servers and hosting; a powerful, user-friendly platform; smart feeds; payment processing; security and maintenance; wallet management, allowing traders to use their own wallet, or ours; and more, so you can focus on gowing your user-base, while we take care of the rest.

Our Complete Exchange Solution includes:

Crypto Feeds

Wallet Management

Traders can use our proprietary

wallet or their own

Multiple Fiat and

Cryptocurrency Options

Cryptocurrency PSPs

User Friendly UI

Back Office Management

Notifications and Compliance