Forex & CFDS

As a leader and innovator in online trading technology, TechFinancials understands how best to reach the mass market, through the delivery of a user-friendly Forex and CFD product via a robust, reliable and responsive platform.

Our regulation-compatible Simplified Forex product has no margin requirements, allowing the trader to allocate a hundred percent of the balance in their account for investing. It also provides guaranteed Stop Loss and Take Profit, with no slippage whatsoever, increasing trader satisfaction and boosting retention. You always know the pip value, and this level of transparency lets traders and brokers alike keep an accurate account of the actual profit and loss on every trade.

Each position is stand-alone, meaning that a single losing trade will not swallow a trader’s entire balance whole, and will not impact any other open trade or position, thereby increasing trader lifetime value. The user can also never lose more than the amount they set as their maximum risk limit prior to opening the position.

Equally, brokers can benefit from a variety of value-added tools for limiting brand exposure, such as fully configurable limits for Stop Loss and Take Profit, and fixed leverage that can be set by the brand.


Reach a whole new target market.

Offer Simplified Forex and benefit from:

Zero impact on the trader’s

other open positions

A User-Friendly

Advanced Professional

Charting Tools

Value Added Risk

Management Features

Exclusive Tools For

Limiting Brand Exposure