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Innovative mobile and tablet applications for iOS & Android

Offer your traders a user-friendly mobile platform, tailored to your brand, designed to boost conversions and enhance trader lifetime value. Always one step ahead, TechFinancials’ is constantly expanding our mobile product portfolio, which currently includes, mobile web, Native apps, WeTrade and WeChat integration.

Mobile App

Faster than anything else on the market, the app offers an exceptional trading experience, via a stable, highly responsive, feature-rich platform.
Benefit from multiple languages, currencies, trading products, advanced charting localized payment options and more.

The platform setup is incredibly easy and fast, with a time to market of just a couple of days!

Trading on the Go

Trading on the Go

Leverage Your Brand With Our WeChat Integration

Reach up to 700 Million Active WeChat Users!
TechFinancials’ new WeChat integration tool opens the door to China, one of the world’s largest, and fastest growing online finance markets.
Launch your app within the WeChat framework, extend your global reach and benefit from simple set up, regulation of all WeChat services, rigorous security protocols, full tracking solutions and a secure localized payment system.


TechFinancials is breaking new ground with PEAX, a completely unique new trading
instrument for mobile that is geared to appeal to digital contracts options traders. Similar to digital contracts, it
provides traders at every level with an easy, engaging, and exciting new way to invest in currencies and commodities.
A mobile product created for traders on the move, PEAX offers a transparent, trusted and fun trading experience.

Trading on the Go

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